The following is a list of all the articles that were published on The Imperial University: Academic Repression and Scholarly Dissent (edited by Piya Chatterjee and Sunaina Maira, 2014), with each reviewing a specific chapter in the volume. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we were forced to exclude three chapters in order to stay on schedule. The following list is in the order in which the chapters appear in the volume, starting with a cover post.

  2. Introduction: Review: Imperial University, Introduction
  3. Chapter 1: The Two Sides of the Imperial University: Victor Bascara’s “New Empire, Same Old University? Education in the American Tropics after 1898”
  4. Chapter 2: Review of “Militarizing Education: The Intelligence Community’s Spy Camps” by Roberto J. Gonzalez
  5. Chapter 3: Review “Challenging Complicity”
  6. Chapter 4: Review: “Neoliberalism, Militarization, and the Price of Dissent”
  7. Chapter 5: Academic Containment: Laura Pulido’s “Faculty Governance at the University of Southern California”
  8. Chapter 6: Review: “The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement and Violations of Academic Freedom at Wayne State University”
  9. Chapter 7: omitted from review
  10. Chapter 8: The Politics of Consent: A Review of Steven Salaita’s “Normatizing State Power: Uncritical Ethical Praxis and Zionism”
  11. Chapter 9: Review of Gumbs’ “Nobody Mean More”
  12. Chapter 10: omitted from review
  13. Chapter 11: Review: Citation and Censure
  14. Chapter 12: Review of De Genova’s “Within and Against the Imperial University”
  15. Chapter 13: Review: Teaching by Candlelight
  16. Chapter 14: omitted from review

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