We recently completed the third iteration of this seminar, making for a busy 2015 in terms of publications on this site. In this second semester for the year, we focused our efforts on critically reviewing four texts: 1) Homo Academicus, by Pierre Bourdieu–reviewed for a second time, this time chapter by chapter; 2) The Expansive Moment: The Rise of Social Anthropology in Britain and Africa, 1918-1970, by Jack Goody, who passed away this year, unfortunately for us; 3) A Social History of Anthropology in the United States, by Thomas C. Patterson; and, 4) Anthropological Intelligence: The Deployment and Neglect of American Anthropology in the Second World War, by David H. Price. This was primarily a study of anthropology by anthropologists with the product of the work made available to all other anthropology students and the wider public.

The review articles this year were especially rigorous and of a high standard, as most readers will agree. In many cases, they become an indispensable part of appreciating any one of the books listed above. Often, the articles stand on their own. Seminar discussions, which are in many ways imprinted in the reviews, were always deeply engaging and productive. The result is–from the standpoint of an anthropological study of anthropology–a wonderful collection of “field notes”. I am thus grateful for the work of Aaron, Tristan, Catherine, Yves, Mona, Thomas, Magdalena, Kyle, Émile, and Guillaume.

The works to be covered in 2016 (which will be in the autumn semester), have not yet been determined, and we might devote some time to taking a bite out of this site’s rather large bibliography. Either way, we hope readers will join us again in…nine months’ time.

À bientôt.