The following list consists of all of the review essays posted on this site of Auto-Ethnographies: The Anthropology of Academic Practices, Edited by Anne Meneley and Donna J. Young. They are listed from first to last, in roughly the same order as the chapters in the volume.

  2. Subjective Interpretations to “Introduction: Auto-ethnographies of Academic Practices: by Anne Meneley and Donna J. Young
  3. Interpretive Review of “Introduction: Auto-Ethnographies Of Academic Practices”
  4. Critical Thoughts on “Loyalty and Treachery in the Kalahari” by Renee Sylvain
  5. Reflections on “Gatekeeper or Helpful Counsel? Practices and Perceptions in Academic Peer Review” by Stephen Bocking
  6. “Doctors With Borders” by Lesley Gotlib
  7. “Who Wears the Trousers in Vanuatu?” by Maggie Cummings
  8. Beyond the Self-reflexive Thoughts on “Ethnography’s Edge in Development” By Pauline Gardiner Barber
  9. “The Torso In The Thames: Imagining Darkest Africa In The United Kingdom” by Todd Sanders
  10. “Anthropologist and Accomplice in Botswana” by Jacqueline Solway
  11. “Teaching and Learning Across Borders” by J. Harrison & A. Meneley
  12. “White Devil as Expert Witness” By T. Swedenburg
  13. “Writing Against The Native Point of View” by Donna J. Young
  14. “An Anthropologist Undone” by Camilla Gibb
  15. A Review of “Team Diversity: An Ethnography of Institutional Values” by Bonnie Urciuoli
  16. “Censorship, Surveillance, and Middle East Studies in the Contemporary United States” by David A. McMurray
  17. A review of David Graeber’s “The Auto-Ethnography That Can Never Be and the Activist’s Ethnography That Might Be”