Welcome to ANTH 630 for the Fall of 2017

Welcome to all new seminar participants, for what is the fifth in a series of consecutive annual offerings for “New Directions in Anthropological Research” by Maximilian Forte. The focus this year will be squarely on issues of “academic imperialism” and the development of Canadian Anthropology. Incoming students should prepare for the first session (Wednesday, September 6, 2017) by doing the following:

  1. Downloading and reading the syllabus in full.
  2. Downloading and printing the discussion agenda.
  3. Bookmarking the schedule of readings, which contains links to all online articles.
  4. Bookmarking the questions we will be focusing on especially during this semester.
  5. And downloading and reading the first three articles, for our first session (see the Schedule).

You may also wish to acquire a copy of Historicizing Canadian Anthropology (which should be in the bookstore), even if we do not begin reading it until Session 7 (Wednesday, October 18).

The seminar director will lead the discussion for the first meeting. However, writers for the first three articles will be assigned at the end of the session. We should have a very productive semester and it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Department, especially if this is your first semester with us.

We also need to inform visitors to this site that no further reviews will be posted online as of August of 2016.